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“Yesterday Mr. Vaillant a bookseller brought me a specimen of the characters of that Latin MS of the Gospels, which is to be sold at the approaching au...”

Stone, J.M. Court and Cloister. London and Edinburgh: Sands and Company; St. Louis, Missouri: B. Herder, 1908.


Where Is Christ Really to Be Found? (1873)

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them—Matthew 18:20 (ESV). We cross sea and land t...



Sir William Phipps arrives in Massachusetts with a new charter that ends theocratic rule in the British colony.

Authority for the date: Johnson, Rossiter, editor in chief. The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 12.


In Everton, England, Anglican evangelical John Berridge preaches outdoors for the first time. His message is one of salvation by grace alone: “Cease from thine own works.”

Authority for the date: Ryle, J.C. Five Christian Leaders of the eighteenth century. London: Banner of Truth Trust, 1960.


Baptism of Nathanael Tajkhan, formerly a Muslim, then a Hindu, until he heard the word of God. He became a zealous convert, preaching wherever he had opportunity, although renounced by his village. He won his wife and some others to Christ before his untimely death.

Authority for the date: Oriental Christian Biography.


During the construction of a new cathedral at Zadonsk, remains of Tikhon, the Russian Orthodox bishop of Veronezh, are uncovered incorrupt. Many miracles will be reported occurring near them and he will be named a saint. He had written spiritual works stressing love and forgiveness.

Authority for the date: Wikipedia.


Death of Bennet Tyler, a Congregational theologian who had served as president of Dartmouth College and was a founder of the Theological Institute of Connecticut (now Hartford Seminary). While he was president of Dartmouth, the college admitted its first African-American student.

Authority for the date:


Althea Brown, an African-American Christian, is commissioned to go to Africa as a missionary. She will die there of malaria and sleeping sickness after compiling a dictionary and grammar of the Bushoong tribal language.

Authority for the date: Jacobs, Sylvia M. Black Americans & the Missionary Movement in Africa. Greenwood Press, 1982.


Christian missionary/educator Minnie Vautrin gasses herself to death, unable to cope with memories of wartime experiences in which she protected thousands of Chinese women from rape by Japanese invaders.

Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.


Defying the advice of his State and War Departments, President Harry Truman issues a de facto recognition of the State of Israel within hours of its declaration of independence.

Authority for the date: Christian History 99 The Holy Land. (2008).

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