For the arrangement of our modules, the Medieval church covers 600 to 1300AD. This section covers topics such as Charlemagne, the Crusades, Peter Waldo, and Thomas à Kempis.

Except for the Waldo module, these thirteen studies, consisting of excerpts from documents in church history, were chosen and introduced by church historian Stephen Tomkins. They are intended for self study or as a quarterly introduction to church history for a weekly Sunday school class or other study group.

Module 201: Benedict’s Rule

Strict but useful rule helped monks transform Europe.

Module 202: John of Damascus for Icons

John argues for the use of icons.

Module 203: Life of Charlemagne

This Christian king did good but forced conversions.

Module 204: Crusaders Capture Jerusalem

An eyewitness account of the capture of Jerusalem.

Module 205: Anselm on the Incarnation

England’s archbishop answers why Christ became a man.

Module 206: Abelard’s Personal History

An autobiography of excuses and blame.

Module 207: Bernard of Clairvaux on Love

A look at four types of love.

Module 208: Guibert de Nogent Exposes Fraud

Forgery and hypocrisy in the use of relics.

Module 209: Waldo Sought a Truer Faith

Waldo wanted to get back to the Bible.

Module 210: Francis of Assisi’s Obedience

Merchant’s son brought tenderness back into the church.

Module 211: Cathars Recorded as Heretics

The Inquisition grills Cathars (Albigensians).

Module 212: Thomas on the Eucharist

Catholic theologian says the bread really becomes Christ’s body.

Module 213: Thomas à Kempis Urges Christ—likeness

A beloved guide shows how to follow Christ.

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