Issue 37 Worship in the Early Church (Full-color Reprint)

What's inside

Worship in the Early Church: Did You Know?

Little-known or remarkable facts about worship in the early church.

John O. Gooch

Worship in the Early Church: From the Editor — The Heartbeat of the Church

No act is more central to the Christian church.

Mark Galli

How We Christians Worship

From about the year 150, perhaps the most complete early description.

Justin Martyr

Did They Sing Hymns?

Justin does not mention hymns in his account of early Christian worship.

Everett Ferguson

Worshiping Like Pagans?

How much did Christians borrow from Greek and Roman religions?

Dr. E. Glenn Hinson

Early Glimpses

Historical documents describing Christians at worship

David F. Wright

Christian History Timeline: Worship in the Early Church

Chronology of worship in the early church.

David F. Wright

Worship in the Early Church: A Gallery of Wordsmiths of Worship

Key personages who wrote for or about worship in the early church.

James D. Smith III

Praying to the Dead

The origin of prayers to the dead.

Mark Galli

Where Did Christians Worship?

The house church was a common meeting place in early Christianity, but not the only one.

Christopher Haas

Prayers of the Earliest Christians

Some prayers expressed in writing by early Christians.

the Editors

Repeating the Unrepeatable

Early Christians had to be creative with observance of the Lord's Supper.

Aidan Kavanagh

An Awe-Inspiring Ceremony

In third-century Rome, baptism was high drama.

the Editors

Following in the First Christians’ Footsteps

We continue to puzzle over why early Christians practiced certain rites.

Ralph P. Martin

Washing Souls by Washing Feet

Foot-washing as baptism?

Mark Galli

Let Us Repent Immediately

Excerpts from an ancient Christian sermon.

Chanting in Honor of Christ

How early Christians expressed their joy

the Editors

Worship in the Early Church: Recommended Resources

Resources for more information about worship in the early church.

Robert E. Webber
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