Letters, Christian History 131

History is new again

Issue #130 arrived and it’s wonderful! You all always do such a fine job with this publication. It is both a work of art and an important contribution toward ministry.—Stephanie Bennett, West Palm Beach, FL

Thanks for sending me issue #130 of the magazine. I look forward to receiving more as they become available. I knew nothing of the history of the church in Latin America, so it was all new to me. 

The history of the west coast of North America is so recent, it’s hard to realize that the history of so many other places in the world goes back hundreds and thousands of years. I think that’s partly why I found our tour [of Turkey] so fascinating—it gives a whole new perspective.—Mary Martin, Burnaby, BC, participant on CHI tour to Turkey

I got my copy of the magazine the other day and it’s just beautiful. Informative articles and great pictures, as usual. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to it.—Joel Morales Cruz, author for issue #130

A wake-up call

Issue #129 has personal significance for me since in the past few years I have been greatly influenced by Tom Oden and his work in recovering the orthodox faith of the early church. Willard and Foster wrote works that challenged me at the time I read them, but I was not ready to put the spiritual disciplines into action. I need to re-read them with new eyes.

The issue has been sort of a wake-up call to intensify my efforts to learn and adopt lessons for worship and study in ways that sadly seem out of vogue in many evangelical churches. Many thanks for re-igniting that flame.—Tom Edmunds, Washington, NJ

Hardly had we closed the mailbox when Tom wrote us back about issue #130:

Another great issue!! Thank you for an issue that focuses on the Latin American church, its history and its challenges. Most informative as always. I pray for our Lord’s guidance for the staff and writers at CHI because yours is a vital ministry that keeps us, your readers, grounded in the truth. 

Speaking of your staff, why not devote a short column to them so we can get to “know” those in your ministry? Just a thought. Enclosed is a ministry gift. I love supporting CHI and feel I always receive more than I give. Lord Bless!—Tom Edmunds

Thanks for the idea about featuring the staff. We will look into the best way to do this.

Now it’s three

Last week Christian History #127 surfaced (I am trying to read them in the order of their arrival) and I discovered that you had included not one, but two of my letters to you. And I was shocked. And gratified. Thank you. 

I don’t send letters to editors with the hopes of being published . . . and usually my non-hope is fully realized. Thus seeing two letters in one issue was a veritable knock-me-over experience. Evidently you are seriously lacking in letter submissions. . . . You are altogether right in saying that #127 begins to answer my questions.—Arne Tiegland, Carver, MN

We couldn’t resist putting this one in too, Arne.

Teaching the faith

Thank you for such quality work and writing. My adult class appreciates the material.—John Wallace, Dover, OH

Thank you for producing this superb magazine! It is absolutely the finest history journal of its kind anywhere.—Ronald Stan, Bellevue, WA

I have had a wonderful summer teaching the Reformation to my adult SS class. Thanks so much for sending the DVD Reformation Overview. It is so well produced and a joy to teach. . . . Thanks for all your labor of love and time in giving us the tools to better teach our faith. Blessings.—Mark Deeter

In issue #129, we commented that John Williamson Nevin left Pittsburgh Seminary to go to the German Reformed seminary at Mercersburg. He actually left Pittsburgh’s predecessor institution, Western Theological Seminary. Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Daniel Reuter for pointing that out.

By Christian History's readers

[Christian History originally published this article in Christian History Issue #131 in 2019]

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