Letters to the editor, CH 143

[Issue 142]

What a beautiful city

When I saw the cover line [of #141], I was reminded of Stephen Schwartz’s song “Beautiful City,” which has the line “not a city of angels, but a city of man.”—David Neff, Baltimore, MD

So much wonderful art has been compiled [in #141]. Glad to see you have included the “graffito blasfemo” which I believe to be the earliest piece of work to depict Jesus’s crucifixion and proof that He was crucified on a cross, not a stake.—Shane Rouse, Sagamore Beach, MA

Forty-year journey

Congratulations on the fortieth anniversary of this excellent resource for the study of the Christian church. I received the first issue in 1982, and every issue since; passing on each one for others to enjoy and benefit from . . . May God continue to bless this ministry until the day of the Lord Jesus’s return.—Glenn Swygart, Winchester, TN

Have mercy on us 

On p. 39 of #141, I was puzzled that the picture caption identified “Have Mercy Nestor.” My wife and I spent five minutes trying to figure out how Agnes Nestor’s name changed from one page to another. I posited that “Agnes” derives from “Agnus” (Have Mercy) and that some automated translation inserted the caption. Then my wife pointed out the captions were introduced with small cap type. So we give credit to an innovative caption writer doing a play on names, Agnes /Agnus. Does this count as an “Easter egg” in CH? That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.—Dave Searcey, San Antonio, TX

Believe it or not, this pun was unintentional on our part!

I am a high school teacher (world history) [who uses the magazine in class]. . . . About a month ago I received in my mailbox at school . . . prints of nine hand drawn maps with a lovely letter from an artist: “I saw your letter to the editor while reading issue 134 of my favorite magazine, Christian History. Please accept some of my hand drawn map prints, a gift from a fellow lover of history and education. Kind regards, Jesse Kennedy.”—Gregory Yankey, Owasso, OK

Wow! We are glad Christian History brings lovers of Christian history together. See the maps framed in Yankey’s classroom at left.

Healing in humility

Your last issue of CH, though beautifully put together and appreciated for the hard work expended for its publication, was troubling to me . . . the uneasiness I feel that the editors mainly assent to the doctrines propounded by the articles. . . . I firmly believe in divine healing, but it must be cemented in humble service and not for shameful profit. —Michael Carlascio, Sault Ste Marie, ON

Bill Curtis responds: “When I was first introduced to those who actively sought out and expected healing, I was very critical as well. Clearly abuses have happened, and we tried to edit the issue to condemn them and provide guidance for distinguishing true healing in humble service to Jesus from the lies of those seeking their own profit. Jesus said we would be known by our fruit, and I have found much good fruit in the healing ministries I have discovered over the past few years. That has been one of the key reasons I wanted to dig deeper into this subject and its history within the church.”

In response to a question we’ve been asked, the Bible verse on #142’s cover was taken from the NIV (2011). 

By readers and editors

[Christian History originally published this article in Christian History Issue #143 in 2022]

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