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Christ gives wonderful gifts

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Today's Devotional

My peace I give unto you —John 14:27 (KJV).

Have you ever thought that all that Christ gives to us, he has tried and proved himself first?

His Joy (John 15:11). What must [that] have been [to] keep him rejoicing through all the grief and sorrows of his life on earth!

His Love (John 15:10). Such love toward his Father, that he obeyed him even unto death! Such love for us that he even died for us!

His Peace (John 14:27). Peace that could keep his soul at rest through thirty-three years spent in a world without peace—always going against him and troubling him!

And all [this] he gives to us. He proved it himself first. It stood fast for him, and it will stand fast for us.

Think now of what that wonderful peace of Jesus may be for us.

Very likely some little thing may rise up and trouble you today. The world is very full of sin, our own hearts are evil, and while there is sin, there will always be sorrow. Angry passions, bitter words, misunderstandings, selfishness, thoughtlessness—all these things and many more we may have to bear with today. But we need not let them hurt or trouble us. If we have Christ’s own peace in our hearts, we shall not care much for what the world may say or do against us.

We can look forward to that blessed time when we shall come to our home in heaven, the City of Peace, where no trouble or sin can enter, and where our Jesus is King of Peace for ever.

About the author and the source

Frances Kershaw, “Sister Isabella” of the Roman Catholic Apostoline Sisters, was a nineteenth-century British author who wrote books for young people as well as a biography and a temperance novel for more mature audiences. Among her writings was a month-long cycle of thirty-one meditations on Scriptures for children.

Frances I. Kershaw. Daily Thoughts for Little Ones. London: S. W. Partridge and Company, ca. 1882.

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