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Don’t Hide from Truth

Title page of Gems of Thought for Every Day of the Year

Today's Devotional

I have read of a foolish—I may say cruel—law among the Lacedemonians, that none should tell his neighbor any ill news befallen him, but every one should be left in process of time to find it out themselves. Many among us, I think, would be content if there were such a law, that might tie up minister’s mouth from scaring them with their sins and the miseries that attend their unreconciled state. The most are more careful to run from the discourse of their misery, than to get out of the danger of it; are more offended with the talk of hell, than troubled for that sinful state that shall bring them there. But alas! when then shall we show our love to the souls of sinners if not now, seeing that in hell there remain no more offices of love to be done for them.

About the author and the source

All we are told about the author of this anonymous book in the book itself is that he was “an eminent divine of the 17th century,” although he is identifiable as William Gurnall (1616–1679), author of The Christian in Complete Armour

[William Gurnall]. Gems of Thought for Every Day in the Year. Liverpool: Clement Evans, 1865.

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