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Make Use of the Least Gift

Jan Luyken’s Parable of the Leaven from the Bowyer Bible.

Today's Devotional

The kingdom of heaven is like yeast, St. Matthew 13:33 (NIV).

Thought.— God needs little to do much. What is smaller than an atom? and yet out of an atom He made the sun. What is there in a bit of earth? and yet from it He made that living essence of all that is wonderful in the world—[i.e.] man.

With a single grace on His part, and a little good will on our own, we shall be able to attain to the highest step on the ladder of sanctity, through the extension of grace and our own corresponding actions.

Prayer.— Jesus, never permit me to lose one of Thy sayings, or one single grace.

Practice.— Make use of the least of God’s gifts.

About the author and the source

Marin De Boylesve was a nineteenth-century French Jesuit. In addition to A Thought for Each Day of the Year, he wrote a short history of the popes. His meditations were made short on purpose so as not to put off readers. They were arranged by the church year. This is his meditation for the Wednesday after the sixth Sunday after Epiphany.

Marin De Boylesve. A Thought for Each Day of the Year. London: Burns and Oates, 1877.

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