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He Desired a Healing Touch

Cover of Smellie’s In the Hour of Silence

Today's Devotional

They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover, Mark 16:18.

… It is not knowledge that the world needs. It is not eloquent speech. It is not soldierly courage and achievement. It is not amusement and pleasure. More than anything beside, the world needs healing. More than anyone else, it calls out for the physician.

There are diseases worse and deeper than bodily maladies. There are stings of conscience. There is deadness of heart. There are errors of life. There is the blindness that cannot see God’s presence, and the deafness to His voice and the paralysis of our energies in His service. There is the feverish fire of passion that consumes the soul. There is the hideous inner leprosy that defiles all the nature.

Many around me are stricken with these fatal sicknesses. May Jesus accomplish His sweet works of recovery, not only through His written Word and His almighty Spirit, but through me, His living and loving disciple….

About the author and the source

It is for his book Men of the Covenant (the story of the martyred Scottish Covenanters) that Alexander Smellie (1857–1923) is remembered today. Nonetheless, his devotional Hour of Silence had to be reprinted eight times in twenty-four years. He was a pastor in the Free Church of Scotland and an editor and contributor to Christian magazines.

Alexander Smellie. In the Hour of Silence: A Book of Daily Meditations for a Year. London: Andrew Melrose, 1899.

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