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Don’t try to cage the things of God

Cover of Waterhouse’s Companions of the Way

Today's Devotional

Your judgments are like a great deep—Psalm 36:6 (NASB).

Ought we not to try to make our religion a much wider, quieter thing? Are we not exchanging the melodies of the free birds that sing in the forest glade, for the melancholy chirping of the caged linnet? It seems to me often as though we had captured our religion from a multitude of fair, hovering presences, that would speak to us of the things of God, caged it in a tiny prison, and closed our ears to the larger and wider voices.


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About the author and the source

It was as Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, that Arthur Christopher Benson (1862–1925) made his mark, directing the school and writing millions of words (including ghost stories that served as moral allegories). Elizabeth Hodgkin Waterhouse (1834–1918) came of a distinguished family of English Quakers, and compiled the anthology Companions of the Way with a strong current of Transcendentalism in it.

Arthur Christopher Benson in Companions of the Way, chosen and arranged by Elizabeth Waterhouse. London: Methuen and Co., 1908.

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