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The First Book Printed with a Date - 1457

Printer mark of Fust and Schoeffer.


Early books were often printed without the information that is now commonly given on the title page: author, publisher, and place and date of printing. However, some early books added a colophon with some of this information. The first and most famous instance was in the psalter published by Fust and Schoeffer on August 14, 1457


“Book of Psalms, decorated with elegant capitals, and sufficiently distinguished by its red letters, invented artificially, imprinted and charactered without the use of any pen, and for the service of God, carefully perfected by John Fust, citizen of Mayence, and Peter Schoeffer, of Gernsheim, Anno Domini 1457, upon the vigil of the Assumption.”


“Colophon.” American Encyclopaedia of Printing, edited by John Luther Ringwalt. 1871.

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