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Joyful Report from Newfoundland - 1820

The mission at Hebron, Labrador, around 1860. Original drawing by Moravian Bishop Levin Theodor Reichel (1812-1878).


The Moravians were among the earliest Protestants to engage in foreign mission work. Their outreach included efforts among the Eskimos of Newfoundland and Labrador. In an outpost at Nain, they saw many conversions with great improvement of character. On this day, 31 July, 1820, a mission letter carried the following joyful report:


“The Lord is graciously pleased to cause his power to be made manifest in the conversion of sinners, and in the building up our dear Esquimaux flock in the faith by which we are saved. This we may truly testify to his praise. The Father draws them to the Son, and the Holy Spirit leads them in the way of life everlasting. We find open ears and hearts when we declare to them the love of Jesus as their Saviour, and his blessing rests upon our feeble testimony of his atoning death and passion. Many a heart, by nature hard as the surrounding rocks, has been broken by the divine power of the word of the cross.”


Anonymous. The Moravians in Labrador. Edinburgh: J. Ritchie, 1833.

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