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Thoughtful last words - 1890

Catherine Booth, evangelist and mother.


Catherine Booth was co-founder of the Salvation Army with her husband William Booth. She was a masterful preacher and writer and saw many souls won to Christ. She died of a painful cancer on this day, 4 October 1890. Unable to speak near the end, she pointed to a verse that had been her life text, “My grace is sufficient for thee.” Her last audible words were thinking of others, as for example when she urged her family and friends to take turns watching at her bedside so as not to wear themselves out. Almost her last audible prayer were the words of today’s quote, showing her concern for her daughter Emma:


“Lord—let the end be easy—for Emma’s sake.”


Booth-Tucker, Frederick St. George de Lautour. The Life of Catherine Booth: Mother of the Salvation Army

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