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A Hymn for Epiphany -

"Baptism (Kirillo-Belozersk)" by Anonymous - own photo by shakko. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


The place that Christmas holds in the West is held by January 6, Epiphany, in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Epiphany is celebrated not so much a commemoration of Christ’s birth as of his baptism and the formal commencement of his great work of teaching and redemption. Here is a hymn that is sung at Epiphany in the Eastern Church.


“When Jesus to the Jordan came
   To honor there the rite divine,
    Then, to the world, His awful claim
   Was witnessed by the Godhead Trine.

“From heaven the Father’s voice declared
   His pleasure and paternal love;
   And lo! the Holy Ghost appeared,
   And wore the likeness of a Dove.

“Thrice holy, Jesus Christ, art Thou,
   By Father and by Spirit blessed;
   We see Thee at the Jordan now,
   And hear Thy Godhead there expressed.

“Now to the Father glory be,
   And to the Son beloved by God,
   And to the Spirit, endlessly,
   In heaven and all the earth abroad.”


Hymns from the Morningland, Being Translations, Centos and Suggestions from the Service Books of the Holy Eastern Church; translator: John Brownlie.

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