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Self-Dedication - 1861

A.B. Simpson, faith-filled pastor.


Albert Benjamin Simpson was reared in a Canadian home where Christianity was taken seriously and he trained for the ministry. Upon his graduation, one of Canada’s largest Presbyterian churches called him. He dedicated himself completely to God on January 19, 1861 as today’s excerpt shows. Because Canada’s cold undermined his health, he soon moved to a church in Louisville, Kentucky, where God used him to bring peace between people made bitter by the Civil War. Revival followed. God then directed him to New York where he had tremendous success among immigrants. To encourage people to live Christ-filled lives, he founded the Christian Alliance. To encourage mission work, he founded the Evangelical Missionary Alliance. Later the two merged as the Christian and Missionary Alliance, a denomination that still exists today.


“Thou hast given us a New Covenant and hast sealed that covenant in Thy blood, O Jesus, on the cross.

“I now declare before Thee and before my conscience and bear witness, O ye heavens, and all the inhabitants thereof, and thou earth, which my God has made, that I accept the conditions of this covenant and close with its terms. These are that I believe on Jesus and accept of salvation through Him, my Prophet, Priest, and King, as made unto me of God wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption and complete salvation. Thou, O Lord, hast made me willing to come to Thee. Thou hast subdued my rebellious heart by Thy love. So now take it and use it for Thy glory. Whatever rebellious thoughts may arise therein, do Thou overcome them and bring into subjection everything that opposeth itself to Thy authority. I yield myself unto Thee as one alive from the dead, for time and eternity. Take me and use me entirely for Thy glory.

“Ratify now in Heaven, O my Father, this Covenant. Remember it, O Lord, when Thou bringest me to the Jordan. Remember it, O Lord, in that day when Thou comest with all the angels and saints to judge the world, and may I be at Thy right hand then and in heaven with Thee forever. Write down in heaven that I have become Thine, Thine only, and Thine forever. Remember me, O Lord, in the hour of temptation, and let me never depart from this covenant. I feel, O Lord, my own weakness and do not make this in my own strength, else I must fail. But in Thy strength, O captain of my salvation, I shall be strong and more than conqueror through Him who loved me.”


“A SOLEMN COVENANT: The Dedication of Myself to God.” by Albert Benjamin Simpson Saturday, January 19, 1861.

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