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Spurgeon’s Resolution for the New Year - 1893

Charles Spurgeon preaching a sermon "at the rail."


January 1, 1893 fell on a Sunday. One of England’s notable preachers, Charles Spurgeon, based a sermon written for that day on the common practice of making a New Year’s resolution. Taking Psalm 115 as his text, he urged his listeners to worship the living God in a living manner and to “bless the Lord from this time forth and forevermore.”


“Begin to praise Him in the tone of your spirit. May God the blessed Comforter help you to do it by a calm, equable frame of mind, by a Divine placidity of temper, by a complete subjection of the will to Him so that you shall not feel it to be subjection, but find it to be your delight that the Lord should do with you whatever pleases Him! It is bliss to praise God so that our very thoughts praise Him, not by effort, but as flowers pour out their perfume, so that our inmost soul praises Him, just as the birds sing, not as if it were a task, but because it cannot help it! Was it not made to sing?”


Spurgeon, Charles. “The Right Keynote for the New Year.” Intended to be read on January 1, 1893.

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