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Quote of the day

“In sweet exalted strains The King of glory praise O er heaven and earth he reigns Through everlasting days He with a nod the world controls Sustains o...”

Hatfield, Edwin F. The Poets of the Church. New York: Anson D. F. Randolph & Co., 1884.


Truth saves, lies destroy (1880)

A truthful witness saves lives, but one who breathes out lies is deceitful— Proverbs 14:25. Interpretation.—...



Death of Theodulph, bishop of Orleans, in a monastery at Angers (Note: Catholic Encyclopedia gives December 18th as his date of death).

Authority for the date: Smith, William and Henry Wace, editors. A Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature, Sects....


Death of John Colet, English scholar, Catholic reformer, and friend of Erasmus.

Authority for the date: Dictionary of National Biography.


Anne Hutchinson arrives from England to Boston, Massachusetts, where she will rouse controversy and eventually be banished.

Authority for the date: “Anne Hutchinson Arrives in the New World.”


Connecticut observes its first annual thanksgiving day as a colony, following heated debate whether or not setting aside a specific day will prompt people to neglect thanking God on other days. 

Authority for the date: Kirkpatrick, Melanie. “Thanksgiving and America.” Imprimis (Nov 2016).


Pope Pius IX’s army, attempting to defend the papal states from takeover by secular Italian forces, suffers defeat at Castelfidardo. The pope loses lands the papacy has mismanaged for centuries.

Authority for the date: Paul Collins, Absolute Power,p. 32


Death of Jerry McAuley, founder of New York’s Water Street Mission, a pioneer among American rescue missions.

Authority for the date: Offord, Robert M. Jerry McAuley: His Life and Work. New York: Ward and Drummond, 1885.


Booker T. Washington delivers his “Atlanta Compromise” address.

Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.


Death of Scottish clergyman George MacDonald who wrote novels to support himself. MacDonald’s writings will capture C. S. Lewis’s imagination, convincing him that true Christianity is not uninteresting.

Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.


The Church of Constantinople accepts the formerly uniate (i.e. Catholic associated) parishes of North America as a new Orthodox diocese and consecrates Orestes Chornock to be their bishop. He will be active on many fronts, convening the diocese’s first convention, supporting the formation of its youth organizaiton, and leading in the formation of an Orthodox seminary.

Authority for the date:


Bishop Makarios is elected the Orthodox Archbishop and Ethnarch of Cyprus. He will quickly move to the forefront of efforts to end British rule in Cyprus and eventually will be exiled by the British government. In 1959, he will negotiate a compromise agreement for an independent Cypriot republic and will be elected the first president of the Republic of Cyprus. However his situation will prove so difficult that the Greeks will attempt to assassinate him and Turkey will eventually invade the island (in 1974), seizing 40% of its territory.

Authority for the date:


Congolese rebels ransack a missionary hospital at Wasolo. They murder two of the Congolese nurses—Constant Kokembe and Boniface Bomba—and take missionary doctor Paul Carlson hostage.

Authority for the date:


For the first time in Chile’s history, its annual Te Deum prayer service that commemorates national independence, is led not by the Roman Catholic Church but by the Methodist Pentecostal Church.

Authority for the date:

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