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Come Boldly (1887)

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need...



Publication of John Fisher’s The Seven Penitential Psalms.

Authority for the date: Williams, Neville. Chronology of the Expanding World. David McKay Company Inc., 1969.


Ruthenian bishops of Lithuania formally read a letter drafted by an Orthodox synod held in Brest, submitting to Pope Clement VIII. They are then accepted into the Roman Catholic Church as “Uniates.” Among concessions granted by the pope, they are allowed to retain priestly marriage, to recite the creed without the “filoque” clause added by Rome, and to observe the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian. The Uniates joined Rome rather than come under the rule of the newly-created Russian Patriarchate.

Authority for the date: Palmieri, Aurelio. “Union of Brest.” Catholic Encyclopedia. Appleton, 1912.


Eusebio Kino is ordained a priest in the Jesuit order at Eistady, Austria. He will become a missionary to New Spain in the area that will become the nation of Mexico and the southwestern United States.

Authority for the date: Wikipedia.


David Brainerd is ordained in New Jersey. The latter years of his short life will be spent in efforts to evangelize American Indians until his death of tuberculosis at age twenty-nine.

Authority for the date: “David Brainerd’s Ordination Sermon.”


Less than two months after a skirmish at Concord, Massachusetts between American militia and British soldiers, the Continental Congress issues a call for all citizens to fast and pray and confess their sins that the Lord God might bless the land.

Authority for the date: "America—A Christian Nation? Committee on Moral Concerns, 2001.


The World’s Anti-Slavery Convention meets in Freemasons’ Hall, London. Many Christians represent the anti-slavery societies of many  nations but women delegates are rejected.

Authority for the date: Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897.


Death in Rugby, Warwickshire, England, of Thomas Arnold, a Christian and a prominent English educator.

Authority for the date: Encyclopedia Americana, 1956.


Dr. D. B. McCartee, the first American Presbyterian missionary to settle in Central China, gets his first sight of the city of Ningpo where he will live and work for many years. His presence is the result of prayerful faith, the Board of Foreign Missions having prepared for the day when changes in international agreements would allow them to enter this region of China with the Gospel.

Authority for the date: The Church at Home and Abroad. (July 1894) 18.


Death in Hartburn, Northumberland, England, of clergyman John Hodgson, author of a well-planned history of Northumberland, and, perhaps more importantly, a successful advocate for improved safety in the mining industry.

Authority for the date: Wikipedia


Professors of Marsovan College in Turkey are condemned on false accusations of revolutionary activity, receiving sentences that range between seven years and death.

Authority for the date: Evangelical Christendom (July 1, 1893)


Death in Richmond, Indiana, of Sanford F. Bennett, American hymnwriter, author of the hymn “In the Sweet By and By” (“There’s a Land That Is Fairer Than Day”).

Authority for the date: Cyberhymnal.


Death at the White Earth Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota of John Johnson Enmegahbowh, the first recognized Native American priest in the Episcopal Church. He had worked tirelessly among the Ojibway people, especially in Minnesota.

Authority for the date:


Death in Glasgow, Scotland, of James Denney. As a theologian and educator in the Free Church, he strongly defended the penal character of the atonement.

Authority for the date:

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