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“The last days of your reign are turned rather against Jesus Christ and his Gospel than to the maintenance of the same. Amongst the rest of the princes...”

Dale, R.W. History of English Congregationalism. New York: A.C. Armstrong and Son, 1907.


Only God’s Bread Satisfies (1907)

The bread of God is he who comes down from heaven, and gives life unto the world —John 6:33 (ESV). Nothing that gr...



Roman Emperor Honorius issues an imperial edict banishing Pelagians from Rome as a great threat to peace. They seemed to teach that people have a say in their own salvation apart from grace.

Authority for the date: Herzog, Johann Jakob. “Pelagius” in A Religious encyclopaedia... Vol. 3. New York: Christian Literature


Pope Urban sails from Avignon to Italy to restore the papacy to Rome.

Authority for the date: Durant, Will and Ariel. The Renaissance.


Death in battle of Chevalier de Bayard, considered the epitome of a Christian courtier and one of the finest soldiers in France, a “knight without fear and without reproach.”

Authority for the date: Wikipedia


Marguerite Bourgeoys establishes the first uncloistered Catholic misisonary community in the new world at Ville Marie, Canada.

Authority for the date: Deen, Edith. Great Women of the Christian Faith. New York: Harper, 1959.


Missionary James Calvert experiences joy when a Fijiian chief on Viwa Island orders that the death drums, formerly used to announce human sacrifice, will now call everyone to the worship of God.

Authority for the date: Creegan, Charles C. Pioneer Missionaries of the Church. American Tract Society, 1903.


Death at Mount Sheffield, of James Montgomery, author of the Christmas carol “Angels from the Realms of Glory.”

Authority for the date: Cyberhymnal.


Death of Ignatius Bryanchaninov, who had been a bishop and theologian of the Russian Orthodox Church and the writer of many books on prayer and spiritual life, intended primarly for monks.

Authority for the date: Wikipedia.


Nlemvo (Mantantu Dundulu) converts to Christianity, the first Protestant convert in the Congo. He will collaborate in translating the New Testament, Proverbs, and Psalms into the Kikongo language, with other Christian literature.

Authority for the date: Dictionary of African Christian Biography.


The Scriptures Visualized Institute moves two days before its old lease expires. Almost miraculously, its new building had been completed in time, despite steel shortages. It is one of the earliest gospel film companies that will make a lasting impact in the field.

Authority for the date: Hess, Brian. A Brief History of Christian Films: 1918-2002.

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