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Quote of the day

“He was a wise and useful legislator for the Church, and he watched keenly the interest of the same. He never fought men, but measures. He seldom lost...”

Phillips, C. H. The History of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church in America: Comprising Its Organization, Subsequent Development and Present Status. Jackson, TN: Publishing House C.M.E. Church, 1925.


Why do we pray “Our Father in Heaven”? (1892)

[W]e must add, after saying “Our Father,” these words, “in Heaven.” And for what reason? In orde...



Deusdedit is consecrated pope. A saintly man, he will be said to have healed a leper by kissing him. Future generations will nickname him the “earthquake pope” because of a violent tremor which occurs during his papacy.

Authority for the date: Brusher, Joseph. Popes Through the Ages, Third Edition. Neff-Kane, 1980.


Pope Urban III extends papal protection to St. Mary’s, Clerkenwell. This makes the woman abbess directly responsible for the abbey under the pope without other male direction.

Authority for the date: Morris, Joan. The Lady Was a Bishop.


Death of James Arminius, Dutch pastor and theologian from whom Arminianism derives its named. He had suggested that some passages of Scripture could be interpreted more mildly than in strict Calvinism.

Authority for the date: Vreeland, Hamilton Jr. Hugo Grotius. New York: Oxford University Press, 1917.


Death in Norwich, England, of Thomas Browne, physician and author of the prose classic Religio Medici [The Religion of a Doctor].

Authority for the date: Britannica.


Charles Spurgeon preaches to an overflow crowd. Someone falsely yells, “fire” and seven people are trampled to death in the ensuing melee. He nearly goes insane from the horror of it.

Authority for the date: ” The Surrey Gardens Music Hall Ministry.”


Death of William O. Cushing, American Christian clergyman and hymnwriter. Among Cushing’s most popular hymns were “Under His Wings,” “When He Cometh,” “Ring the Bells of Heaven,” and “Hiding in Thee.”

Authority for the date: Wells, Amos R. A Treasury of Hymn Stories. Baker, 1992.


Bolsheviks kill the monks Euthymius and John of the Belogorsk monastery for refusing to join the Red Army, torturing John first.

Authority for the date: Moss, Vladimir. Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of the Urals, Siberia and Central Asia.

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