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Quote of the day

“The substantial presence of Christ is not only signified but really represented in the Communion to those that receive it, and that the body and blood...”

Wylie, James A. The History of Protestantism. London, Paris, and New York. Cassell & Company, Ltd.


Prayer Is the Channel to God (1864)

Prayer is the only channel through which God’s great graces and favors may flow into the soul; and if this be once...



Ferdinand Magellan instructs and baptizes Humabon in the Philippines, and will baptize eight hundred more Filipinos in the week that follows.

Authority for the date: Anderson, Gerald H. Studies in Philippine Church History. Cornell University Press, 1970.


At Tsar Theodore’s order, Avvakum, one of Russia’s Old Believers, and his fellow prisoners are locked in a log cabin which is burned over them.

Authority for the date: Encyclopedia Britannica.


Death of Joseph Swain who wrote the hymn “O Thou in Whose Presence My Soul takes Delight” and other hymns.

Authority for the date: Burrage, Henry S. Baptist Hymnwriters and Their Hymns. Portland, Maine: Brown, Thurston & Co., 1888.


J.C. Penney opens his first Golden Rule Store (in Kemmerer, Wyoming), committing himself to the highest ethical standards. He seeks to run his business on biblical principles: giving each customer only quality merchandise at a fair price, taking no more than a fair profit, and transacting business for cash only.

Authority for the date:


Death of Henry Beard Delany, first African-American bishop of North Carolina and the second African-American bishop in the Episcopal Church within the United States (a suffragan, or assistant, bishop). His daughters, the “Delany Sisters,” will author the popular book Having Our Say.

Authority for the date: 


Mitsuo Fuchida, who had radioed “Tora, Tora, Tora” from Pearl Harbor, becomes a Christian.

Authority for the date: Fuchida, Mitsuo. From Pearl Harbor to Calvary—My Testimony.


Death from lymphoma of Joseph C. Wong, Chinese-born pastor in Minnesota, founder of the North Central Chinese Winter Conference, and general secretary of the Chinese Christian Mission. He once wrote “The Gospel is not designed to be expressed by the culture in which it blossoms, but its purpose is to transform the very culture in which it blooms.”

Authority for the date: Unidentified press clipping.

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