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Give God your whole heart

Cover of Kruckenburg’s A Thought and a Prayer for Every Day in the Year

Today's Devotional

It is the heart for which God asks, and, moreover, it is the whole heart. There are many claimants in the world for our heart’s affections; but, in withholding our hearts from [worldly things] and giving them to God, we give him our best—we give him our all, we give him ourselves. Oh, that we might lose ourselves in loving, thorough-going service, and self-dedication!— O God, save me from half-heartedness—grant that my heart may be whole with you.

About the author and the source

T. F. Kruckenburg (19th century) was Vicar of Grewelthorpe, a village in the north of Yorkshire. 

T. F. Kruckenburg. A Thought and a Prayer for Every Day in the Year. London: Skeffington and Son, 1885.

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