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Nothing is beyond God’s comprehension

Title page of Macdonald’s The Diary of an Old Soul

Today's Devotional

Thou art the truth, the life. Thou, Lord, wilt see
To every question that perplexes me.
I am thy being; and my dignity
Is written with my name down in thy book;
Thou wilt care for it. Never shall I think
Of anything that thou mightst overlook:
In faith-born triumph at thy feet I sink.

About the author and the source

C. S. Lewis (1898–1963) considered George MacDonald (1824–1905) his master and read MacDonald’s Diary of an Old Soul as a devotional. The Diary consists of 365 stanzas directed to God, one for each day of the year. Above is the stanza for August 13th. For more on MacDonald, see Christian History 86, George MacDonald, and Christian History 113, Seven Literary Sages.

George MacDonald. Diary of an Old Soul. London, 1860.

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