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Christ defends the weak

Cover page of Hellings’ Daily Hymn Book

Today's Devotional

Cast down, but not destroyed —2 Corinthians 4:9 (KJV).

Cast down, but not destroyed,
Still leaning on the Lord:
Who will not make his promise void,
Nor change his sacred word.

Thus shall the sons of God,
In each distressing hour,
Proclaim his faithfulness abroad,
Supported by his power.

Although distress’d in mind,
When darkness veils the skies,
Some ray of hope, the soul shall find,
When faith lifts up her eyes.

Temptations may annoy,
And sorrow cast us down;
Satan may rage, but not destroy,
Whether he smile or frown.

No further can he go,
Than Christ the Lord intends;
Who from the proud, insulting foe,
The weakest saint defends.

In our Redeemer’s name,
Our fainting spirits trust;
He will not put our hope to shame,
But raise us from the dust.

About the author and the source

Late in the 1830s Nicholas Hellings found himself anxious and overwhelmed by his duties. As a calming measure, he decided to write a hymn for each day of the year based on the daily Scripture given by the Christian Almanack. Above are the stanzas from today’s hymn.

Nicholas Hellings. The Daily Hymn Book Containing a Hymn on a Passage of Scripture for Every Day with an Appendix of Hymns Etc. London: Thomas Ward, 1838.

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