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Have Faith

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Today's Devotional

See that you never hold a consultation unless faith be present, yea, and president too; else all will be in disorder at once. One act of faith shall sooner remove the mountain than all the cattle on a thousand hills. —Elisha Coles.

There is so much power in faith, even when faith is applied but to things human and earthly, that let a man be but firmly persuaded that he is born to do, some day, what at the moment seems impossible, and it is fifty to one but what he does it before he dies.—Blackwood.

We know not how things will be fulfilled, but we do know that not one of all God’s promises shall fail. Who would have conjectured how Israel of old would escape out of the land of Egypt, even one year before they departed? —Dr. Baylee.

About the author and the source

Charlotte Bickersteth Wheeler taught English in the 1870s and wrote sentimental novels and evangelistic biographies of relatives who had died. Among her books was Chimes from Bygone Years, a collection of quotes arranged by days of the year and organized by topic. Elisha Coles (ca. 1608 – 1688) wrote A Practical Discourse on God’s Sovereignty, from which his quote comes. Wheeler’s next reference is from a serialized novel by Pisistratus Caxton, What Will He Do With It? in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Vol. 83. Dr. Joseph Baylee (1808–1883) was a theologian and educator, the founder and first principal of St. Aidan’s Theological College, Birkenhead.

Charlotte Bickersteth Wheeler. Chimes from Bygone Years: Thoughts for Daily Reading. London: Elliot Stock, 1878.

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