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True Faith Has Real Power

Cover of Companions of the Way

Today's Devotional

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for —Hebrews 11:1 (NASB).

What, after all, is this “faith” which above all things we who have even a grain of it must desire to hold forth to others? “This is the victory which overcomes the world, even our faith.” It is a power, not a mere belief; and power can be shown only in action, only in overcoming resistance. Power that shall lift us one by one above temptations, above cares, above selfishness; power that shall make all things new, and subdue all things unto itself; power by which loss is transmuted into gain, tribulation into rejoicing, death itself into the gate of everlasting life;—is not this the true meaning of faith?

About the author and the source

Caroline Emelia Stephen (1834–1909) was a well-known English writer on Quakerism and co-founder of a charity to befriend young servants. Elizabeth Hodgkin Waterhouse (1834–1918), also English, came of a distinguished family of Friends, and compiled anthologies and wrote books “in an attractive homiletic vein” (The Times, April 6, 1918).

Caroline Emelia Stephen in Companions of the Way, chosen and arranged by Elizabeth Waterhouse. London: Methuen and Co., 1908.

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