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We Remember Ascension Day

Title page of A Few Devotional Helps for Each Day from Rogation to Trinity Sunday Inclusive

Today's Devotional

Jesus said to his bereaved disciples, “If you loved me, you would rejoice, because I go to my Father” (John 14:28).

O my soul, when will you be so purified from earthly selfishness and grasping, that you will be able to rejoice in your own loss, your own bereavement, for your Savior’s gain and glory? When will you learn to rejoice in being stripped of all things if, by that, you may come the closer unto him?

Consider, as you sorrow in parting, that even as he, your Savior, must be about his Father’s business, so too must you. Let us strive so to labor in his work, looking not down at our earthly toil, but upwards to our ascended Lord, that day by day we may cling less to earth, and sooner than we look for it, he may come for us....

Christ is gone upon high. Hallelujah. He has led captivity captive. Hallelujah. In like manner he will come again. Hallelujah. “Because I live you shall live also,” (John 14:19). Hallelujah.

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Anonymous. A Few Devotional Helps for Each Day from Rogation to Trinity Sunday Inclusive. London: Joseph Masters, 1858.

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