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We Must Become Like Christ

Meditations for Every Day from Palm Sunday to Low Sunday

Today's Devotional

Jesus Christ’s suffering is our model, and the example we must follow. … We can expect no eternal happiness, unless we endeavour to become like him. He is our head, we are his members.… Under a head crowned with thorns, says St. Bernard, shall we be sensual and delicate members? what monstrous absurdity what horrible ingratitude. … Religion will only serve for my condemnation if I refuse to conform my conduct to that of Jesus Christ: If I refuse to suffer: If I complain of sufferings: If I murmur at the various incidents of life: If I become rebellious at infirmities, and poverty; at injustice and vexation on the part of creatures; at the miseries of life: in a word, at whatever God permits or ordains for my salvation. Here ask of your divine Savior, grace and strength to say to him with sincerity and courageous fortitude; “Jesus, into thy hands I commit myself, without reserve; Lord I am resigned to all things. … ”

About the author and the source

Anonymous. Meditations for Every Day from Palm Sunday to Low Sunday. Translated from the French. Manchester: J.A. Robinson, n.d.

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