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Ultimate Happiness Cannot Come from the World

Daily Thoughts of Comfort for the Year

Today's Devotional

So there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God —Hebrews 6:9 (NASB).

I never was happy till I knew that I could not be happy in this world, and consented to wait for it till God’s time and place. This thought will keep me from all self-pleasing in forbidden ways; reconcile me to sufferings, crosses, injuries, mortifications, and put a smile on the face of death.

Jesu, my Savior, look on me,
   For I am weary and oppressed;
I come to cast myself on Thee;
   Thou art my rest.

About the author and the source

“This little sheaf of comfort I have bound and sent forth, in the hope that some, to whom … longer reading might be impossible, may find in its pages one thought each day suggestive of comfort. …”

E.G. Daily Thoughts of Comfort for the Year.  London: Griffin and Farran; New York: E. P. Dutton, n.d.

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