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Would You Rob God?

Crumbs from the King’s Table

Today's Devotional

You shall not steal —Exodus 20:15.

If we keep what does not belong to us and appropriate the same to our own purposes, we are guilty of stealing. And if we rob those who have befriended us, or are related to us; if they should be our own father or mother we thus rob, it would seem much worse. Yet there is One who has given us everything. “Will a mere mortal rob God? Yet you rob me”  [Malachi 3:8 NIV] He said this to his ancient people. Let us see if he has reason to say it of us. If we use ourselves for other than for God, we are stealing; for he expressly says, “You are not your own” [1 Corinthians 6:19 ESV]. All we call ours, ourselves included, is only “in trust” for Him. His property, time, wealth, influence; all are his, and he will call for the account some day of his own, and there will be no running away.

About the author and the source

Margaret McDonald Bottome (1827–1906) was an American religious organizer, founder of the King’s Daughters which (after the admission of men and a change of name) boasted half a million members in Canada and the United States within twenty years. She wrote a column in the Ladies’ Home Journal for members and also wrote several books, including the devotional Crumbs from the King’s Table.

Margaret Bottome. Crumbs from the King’s Table. New York: Willis McDonald & Co., 1888.

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