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A Saint May Grow Proud of Grace

Christian’s Complete Armour cover

Today's Devotional

This is another way Satan assaults the Christian. It is true, grace cannot be proud, yet it is possible a saint may be proud of his grace. Then a soul is proud of his grace, when he trusts in his grace. Trust and confidence is an incommunicable flower of God’s crown as Sovereign Lord; even among men it goes with royalty. Therefore when a soul puts his trust in anything beside God, he sets up a prince or king, an idol to which he gives God’s glory away. Now it does not make the sin less that it is the grace of God we crown, than if it were a lust we crowned. It is idolatry to worship a holy angel, as well as a cursed devil; to make our grace a god as well as our belly our god; nay, rather it adds to it because that is now used to rob Him of His glory, which should have brought Him in the greatest revenue of glory.

About the author and the source

All we are told about the author of this anonymous book in the book itself is that he was “an eminent divine of the 17th century.” However, he is identifiable as William Gurnall (1616–1679), author of The Christian in Complete Armour

Anonymous. Gems of Thought for Every Day in the Year. Liverpool: Clement Evans, 1865.

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