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Lift the fallen

Cover of Ryder’s New Every Morning

Today's Devotional

Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins—James 5:20 (NIV).

It is not for you, nor for me, to slight, to scorn, to condemn the fallen. Of this we are sure, that no beauty, no intelligence, can compare with womanliness; and that no girl, weak and wicked as she may be, is utterly lost to womanliness. May I here appeal to you, dear girls, to hasten the return of a woman to her best self? May I urge you not to slight even the sinful? As you are girls with most precious endowments, remember to encourage the growth of these gifts in other girls. Then will womanhood seem even more blessed than now—when girls defend it and purify it. Perhaps one of the hardest things in this world to realize is the fact that we are all, not only children of one Father, but that, we are brothers and sisters, as well.

About the author and the source

In her introduction to New Every Morning (a book of daily readings for girls), Annie H. Ryder (19th century) wrote “With the dawn of each day we are born anew into opportunities for fresh efforts. No matter about yesterday’s shortcomings, ‘Today is ours.’ Make of it a day holy with duty done, and strong with cheerful strivings; a day full of hope for the future.” Her “devotional” did not cover merely spiritual life but also dress, housekeeping, nature, and the general interests of young women.

Annie H. Ryder. New Every Morning. Boston: D. Lathrop, 1886.

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