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Jesus spoke of “we” and “us” just twice

Title page of Harrison’s Daily Meditations

Today's Devotional

Read Mark 14:3-9.

Our Lord almost never uses the pronoun “we” with reference to himself and human persons, for he must carefully maintain his unique dignity as God’s only-begotten Son. Yet there are two distinct instances where he spoke thus, so as to include the apostles with himself. “For the one that is not against us,” were his remarkable words, “is for us” [Mark 9:40 ESV]. By this he would teach us of his close union with the Christian ministry. Once again, when he was giving his directions for that Passover which was the preface to the institution of the blessed Sacrament, he said, referring to the upper room, “There make ready for us.” In this way he indicated that he is peculiarly united with his people when they gather around him at the Christian Passover.

About the author and the source

McVeigh Harrison (1878–1959) was a member of the Order of the Holy Cross, an Episcopal order of Benedictines.

McVeigh Harrison. “Friday after the Twentieth Sunday after Trinity.” Daily Meditations on the Christian Life for Every Day in the Year. Volume II from Trinity Sunday to the Saturday before Advent Sunday. Tennessee: St. Andrew’s P.O., 1916.

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