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Enoch’s faith

Enoch taken into heaven.

Today's Devotional

And Enoch walked with God. Genesis 5:24 KJV. 

We read in the New Testament a little more of the character of Enoch than these few words convey. In Heb.11 we are told what was the principle of Enoch’s character by which he “pleased God.” It was “faith,” he walked by faith, not by sight, he, by faith, beheld Him who is invisible, and set God always before him. St.Jude, in his epistle says, moreover, that by faith he foresaw the second coming of our Lord to judgment, and prophesied of it to the men of that corrupt and wicked generation. The expression “walked with God” implies that he was at peace with God; “for how can two walk together except they be agreed?” (Amos3:3.) He led a life of communion with him, desiring only his will and pleasure, and striving to fulfil all God’s designs upon himself and others. And he received this special testimony of God’s favour, that he was “translated,” removed from earth to heaven without dying. Do we thus walk with God? Do we live as in the divine presence? Do we maintain communion with God, are we in a state of friendship with Him, do we converse with him in the retirement of our own hearts, and approach him with holy boldness and freedom ? “The Lord’s hand is not shortened,” and his grace which enabled Enoch thus to walk is sufficient for us if we seek it through the merits of our Redeemer, and though we cannot escape death we may yet look forward through death to a joyful resurrection.

About the author and the source

We often do not know what stories lie behind devotional books. In the case of Daily Readings, we have a hint. It was produced “in the hope of furnishing to the Inhabitants of two Villages in Northumberland, some counter-action against the moral evils arising from the temporary settlement of Railway Labourers in the immediate neighbourhood.”

E.F. Daily Readings. London: Hamilton, Adams, & Co., 1847.

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