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What it Really Means to Cling to Christ -

J.R. Miller


F. W. Boreham was a Baptist preacher who ministered chiefly in New Zealand and Australia. He was also a prolific author. In an essay on J. Hudson Taylor, founder of the China Inland Mission, he wrote, “There lies on my desk a Birthday Book which I very highly value. It was given me at the docks by Mr. Thomas Spurgeon as I was leaving England. If you open it at the twenty-first of May you will find these words [the words of today’s quote]: and against those words of Dr. J. R. Miller’s in my Birthday Book, you may see the autograph of J. Hudson Taylor. He was our guest at the Mosgiel Manse when he set his signature to those striking and significant sentences.


“ ‘Simply to Thy Cross I cling’ is but half of the Gospel. No one is really clinging to the Cross who is not at the same time faithfully following Christ and doing whatsoever He commands.”


Boreham, Frank W. A Handful of Stars. New York, Cincinnati: Abingdon Press, 1922.

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