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The right to infiltrate - 1995


Thomas Sowell, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, took note of mass media prejudice against Judaism, Christianity, and traditional bulwarks of liberty such as the U.S. Constitution in a column published on this day March 13, 1995. He argued that part of the problem is that only one side is showing up for the fight. The truth of his assessment became increasingly recognized; several Christian groups stepped forward to challenge the secular world view by producing their own movies and documentaries, or by mounting legal defenses or challenges in an effort to hold and even restore eroding culture.


“One thing you must grant to these ideologues: They know that they are in a cultural war, as those on the other side often do not. To the anointed of academia and the media, particularly in the nonprofit sector, education, like war, is a continuation of politics by other means. The curriculum, the museum, the movie screen, the art gallery, and even corporate philanthropy are all ideological battle fields—and in most of these institutions, only one side is battling. That is why they are winning, despite an occasional setback when something egregious [very great] becomes an issue.

“In these campaigns, the very notion of truth is treated as a quaint prejudice of a bygone era. Those who are politically correct are never discredited, no matter how often their statements collapse in the face of facts .... Being factually wrong does not matter to those who are politically correct.”


Thomas Sowell “The Right to Infiltrate,” Forbes (March 13, 1995); 74.

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