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A friend to the Friends - 1677

Elizabeth, Princess Palatine befriended Quakers and other persecuted Christians.


Elizabeth, Princess Palatinate, befriended and protected Protestants of all stripes, including Anabaptists, mystics, and Quakers. She counted William Penn among her friends. She replied to one of Penn’s letters on this day 29 October 1677. It is clear from her reply that he had encouraged her to consider the state of her soul.


“Dear friend,

“I am deeply touched by the interest you take in my eternal welfare, and I will seriously reflect upon every line of your advice to me, and try as much as in me lies to follow your counsels; but God's grace must assist me, for as you rightly say, He will only accept that which He has Himself inspired. When I shall have utterly weaned myself from the world, if I yet leave undone what He before all prescribes, namely, to do nothing save for His Son through His Son, I shall be no better than I at this moment am. Above all, I must feel Him sovereign in my heart, and fulfil whatever he commands; but I am really incapable of teaching others, for I am not myself taught by the Lord. Give my best regards to George Fox, Benjamin Furley, George Keith, and my dear Gertrude. . . . I cannot write you more, but recommend myself to your prayers, and remain your sincere friend,

Elizabeth. . . .”


De Bury, Blaze. Memoirs of the Princess Palatine. London: Richard Bentley, 1853.

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