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Defending the real presence - 1525

Johann Brenz defended the Lutheran view of the Lord's Supper.


Johann Brenz was a Lutheran reformer and theologian, who wrote many works. He was the principle author of the Syngramma Seuvicum, published on this date 21 October 1525 in defense of the Lutheran view of the Lord’s Supper. Luther approved the work, which saw Christ’s real presence in the bread and wine. Other reformers, such as Zwingli, saw the sacrament as more symbolic, and the Catholics taught that the bread and wine actually became Christ’s body and blood.


“[We believe] Jesus Christ is present in the sacrament, and in the action of the Supper: that his body and blood are received, although in an invisible manner, by faith, as remission of sins is received in Baptism.”


Quote from Rolt, Richard and Richard Houston. The Lives of the Principal Reformers, Both Englishmen and Foreigners. . . . Date from Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911.

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