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A Milestone for the Scottish Church - 1560

The old Edinburgh Tolbooth.


After reformers overthrew Roman Catholicism in Scotland, they needed a new church organization to replace it. Parliament commissioned six reformers to draw up a book of discipline, which they did. A few nobles refused to accept it, but a good number did, signing it on January 27, 1560 at the Tolbooth in Edinburgh, with the following words (as transcribed into modern English).


“We who have subscribed [to] this present [document]—having considered the articles herein specified, and as is above mentioned, from the beginning of this book, think the same good, and [in] conformity to God’s Word in all points—conform to the notes and additions thereto added. We promise to advance this to the uttermost of our powers, providing that the bishops, abbots, priors, and other prelates and beneficed men, [and whoever] else have joined themselves to us, allow the revenues of their benefices, during their life-times, to sustain and uphold the ministries and ministers, as is herein specified, for preaching of the Word, and ministering of the sacraments.”

[THE ORIGINAL READS:We quhilk have subscryvit thir Presentis, havand advisit with the Artickles heirin specifeit, and as is above mentionat, from the begyning of this Book, thinkis the samyn goode, and conforme to Goddis Word in all poyntis, conforme to the Notes and Additiounis thairto eikked. We promittis to sett the same fordwarte at the uttermost of oure Poweris, providing that the Bischoppis, Abbottis, Priouris, and utheris Prelattis and beneficed men, quhilkis ellis have adjoyned thameselfis to us, bruik the Revenewis of thair Benefices during thair Lyfe-tymes, thei susteanyng and upholding the Mmisterie and Ministeris, as is heirin specifeit, for preaching of the Worde, and ministrating of the Sacramentis.]


Knox, John. History of the Reformation of Religion in Scotland.

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