The Holy Land: Recommended resources

Guides for travelers

• Jerome Murphy-OConnor, The Holy Land: An Archaeological Guide from Earliest Times to 1700 (Oxford, 4th ed., 1998)

• Peter Walker, In the Steps of Jesus: An Illustrated Guide to the Places of the Holy Land (Zondervan, 2006)

Historical writings

• Cyril of Scythopolis, The Lives of the Monks of Palestine, translated by R. M. Price, annotated by John Bins (Cistercian Publications, 1991)

• Egerias Travels, translated by John Wilkinson (Aris & Phillips, 1999)

• Eusebius, The Church History, edited by Paul L. Maier (Kregel Publications, 1999)

• Josephus, The New Complete Works of Josephus, translated by Whiston, commentary by P. Maier (Kregel Publications, 1999)

• Josephus: The Essential Works, edited by Paul L. Maier (Kregel Publications, 1994)

Jerusalem Pilgrims Before the Crusades, translated by John Wilkinson (Ads & Phillips, Ltd., 2002)

Letters from the Desert: Barsanuphius and John, translated by John Chryssavgis (St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2003)

To learn more

• Betty Jane Bailey & J. Martin Bailey, Who are the Christians in the Middle East? (Eerdmans, 2003)

• Meir Ben-Dov, Historical Atlas of Jerusalem (Continuum, 2002)

• Martin Biddle, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Rizzoli, 2000)

• John Bimis, Ascetics and Ambassadors of Christ: The Monasteries of Palestine 314–631 (Clarendon Press, 1994)

• Derwas J. Chitt The Desert a City: An Introduction to the Study of Egyptian and Palestinian Monasticism under the Christian Empire (St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1995)

• Jennifer L. Hevelone-Harper, Disciples of the Desert: Monks, Laity, and Spiritual Authority in Sixth-Century Gaza (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005)

• Yizhar Hirschfeld, The Judean Desert Monasteries in the Byzantine Period (Yale, 1992)

• Ora Limor and Guy G. Stroumsa, eds., Christians and Christianity in the Holy Land (Brepols, 2006)

• Anthony O'Mahony, Göran Gunner, and Kevork Hintlian, eds., The Christian Heritage in the Holy Land (Scorpian Cavendish, 1995)

• Joseph Patrich, Sabas, Leader of Palestinian Monasticism: A Comparative Study in Eastern Monasticism, Fourth to Seventh Centuries (Dumbarton Oaks, 1995)

• Oskar Skausaune and Reidar Hvalvik, eds., Jewish Believers in Jesus (Hendrickson, 2007)

• Robert L. Wilken, The Land Called Holy (Yale, 1992)

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By the editors

[Christian History originally published this article in Christian History Issue #97 in 2008]

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