Schwenckfeld’s Aim

MY CONCLUSIVE OPINION, writing, motive,

and faith, in brief,

are directed to the end that we may become true Christians

and in the sight of God just, upright, and blessed;

that we may learn to recognize correctly, God the Father

and Jesus Christ the Son (true God and man)

as our Lord in the Holy spirit,

the spirit of grace and the riches of God in our hearts.

Furthermore, that we may lay off the old Adam,

efface the inscribed malediction and in its stead

put on the new man in divine benediction,

in holiness, righteousness and truth

unto eternal life;

and that once for all we may acquire a good,

trustworthy, happy conscience and be advanced

ever further in the kingdom of God,

into the heavenly citizenship of Jesus Christ;

that we may grow in the peace, love, and unity

which are in Christ, and live and walk in the fear of God.

That is the content of my faith,

my writings, and my entire theology.

It is my petition and wish to God that it

happen to all of us.


By Caspar Schwenckfeld

[Christian History originally published this article in Christian History Issue #21 in 1989]

From Corpus Schwenckfeldianorum, translated by Selina Gerhard Schultz.
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