Aug 30, 2017

More From and About Our Seven Sages

Check out this new book from the Center for the Study of C. S. Lewis and Friends

by Jennifer Woodruff Tait

shelf of Inklings Forever volumes

Last year, Edwin and I had the privilege of attending a wonderful conference on C. S. Lewis and friends put on every two years by the Center for the Study of CSL and Friends at Taylor University.

Inklings ForeverNow the papers from the conference are out in a sizable, but charming, volume. Its over 500 pages contain poetry and stories in the tradition of the Inklings and their friends and mentors, in addition to academic papers and more informal musings and photos. I am happy to report that there are papers or poems inspired by all seven of the authors featured in our Seven Sages issue here at Christian History. Authors from Christian History issues who presented at the conference include Colin Duriez, Paul Michelson, the aforementioned Edwin, and Joe Ricke, director of the Center (who is the unidentified literature professor quoted in our "Did You Know?" and who has never let me forget it.) 

Please check it out! You can order it from Winged Lion Press via Amazon here, and you can get our Seven Sages issue here

Images are by the Center and by Crystal Hurd, who managed to hold her copy up straighter with one hand when she got it than I did with mine.

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