Aug 4, 2017

Christian History's 4-Issue Series on the Reformation Wraps Up

Thanks for coming along on our journey to the 16th century.

In the fall of 2015, we began a journey here at Christian History to prepare us for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, approaching in October of this year.  

We spent an issue looking at Luther and those before him who saw how much change was needed in the medieval church. Then we turned to what we called the "people's Reformation:" the teachings of Zwingli and Bucer and their friends, the rise of the Anabaptists, the changing fortunes of England's religion, and the social ferment all of this provoked. We moved then into the second generation of Protestant reformers, especially Calvin and the growth of the Reformed tradition. Finally we stepped back and traced the Catholic story of the 16th century, and closed with a look at how all of these changes affected the New World as well as the Old. Along the way, we revisited familiar stories and learned new ones and looked in depth at this pivotal moment in Western religious history.  

All four issues are now available as a set; or you can order the Reformation Teaching Kit that adds our new documentary This Changed Everything, our Reformation Overview, and our fact-rich and art- rich fold-out timeline of the 16th century.

We hope you've learned a lot as you've journeyed through these tumultuous times with us, and that you've been inspired and challenged by the stories you've read. The editor's note from that first issue on Luther concludes, "No matter what part of the church you come from, I ask you to remember our common beginnings and our common faith as we take this four-part journey. In so doing, you’ll be better prepared to realize our bonds, both past and present, with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ."  We hope that it has been so.

(Image by subscriber John Reasons of our Reformation Teaching Kit)

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