Christian History Magazine #137 - Church and Marketplace
Christian History Magazine

Christian History Magazine #137 - Church and Marketplace

Discover the complex relationship of Christians to money, economics, and the marketplace over the ages in the second issue of our “Faith and Flourishing” series.

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Whether they have a lot or a little, most believers shy away from discussing money. And for good reason!  One can cherry-pick scripture to present money as the root of all evil, a reward for a life well-lived, or a tool to be used for good. But just like a busy street market, the real story is far more complex. 
In this issue of Christian History we’ll examine the complexities Christians face in the marketplace. We’ll look at usury (is money-lending and borrowing ever permissible?), uncover a biblical view of philanthropy (is it only for the wealthy?), and see how believers have found a higher purpose in the market and influenced the institutions we take for granted. Discover the relationship of Christians to economics throughout the ages in the second issue of our “Faith and Flourishing series,” CH #137: When the church goes to market.

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