Revivals - Set of 2
Christian History Magazine

Revivals - Set of 2

This set includes the DVD Asbury Revival and Christian History magazine #149, the first in a three-part series on Revivals.

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Asbury Revival - Our production team was there during the outpouring and brings you this behind-the-scenes view of what the Holy Spirit was doing--reported directly from students, staff, university administrators, and participants. The outpouring drew people from all over the United States and the entire world, including Brazil, the Philippines, and Singapore to name a few. What the Holy Spirit started at Asbury spread to Samford University, Baylor University, Cedarville University, Texas A&M, Oklahoma Baptist University, Louisiana State University, Regent University, Indiana Weslyan, and in total over 30 other college campuses.

Christian History Magazine #149: Revival — This issue is the first in a three-part series that will look at the big picture of renewal in church history, focusing on four marks of revival:
• Popular (widespread)
• Transformative (asking for conversion)
• Institutionally unsatisfied (institution-questioning, institution-renewing)
• Devotional (emotionally charged)
But this issue doesn’t start where you might expect. Instead, it drops us into the High Middle Ages. From very early on, Christians sought renewal. They did so by looking back to early church models and forward to a church and society transformed by a reinvigorated faith and a reinvigorated people. When we remove our unspoken assumption that revivals could only happen after the Reformation, and look at our four marks as criteria for calling renewal movements before the year 1500
revivals, we discover many movements fit the bill. Join us as we briefly look at Christianity’s first 1000 years and then take a more in-depth look at revival in the high and late Middle Ages, and conclude with the Reformation, the culmination of centuries of demands for reform.

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