Born Again: George Whitefield
CHI Productions

Born Again: George Whitefield

He was the most famous and dynamic preacher of the 18th century.

  • Item number: 502083D
  • Media type: DVD
  • Running Time: 66 mins.
  • Region: All
  • Production Year: 2023
  • Producer: Christian History Institute


In the 18th century a spiritual and cultural revolution swept across Great Britain and her American colonies. Out of it came a powerful voice proclaiming the need to be born again. George Whitefield's voice startled the church like a trumpet blast. His theatrical persuasion transformed the pulpit into sacred theatre. He took the church outdoors and preached to tens of thousands at a time. He lifted his voice to preach to the spiritually starving masses and ignited the Evangelical Revival and the First Great Awakening. Whitefield was the most famous and dynamic preacher of his time, preaching 18,000 sermons to an estimated 10 million people. He brought about massive social, political, and spiritual transformation in the Transatlantic world with his message of the new birth and being born again.”

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