Eyewitness Bible - James Series
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Eyewitness Bible - James Series

The Eyewitness Bible Series is a fascinating behind-the-scenes study of the people and stories that are bedrock to the Christian faith, ancient stories that still echo with deep signficance for today’s world through eyewitness accounts. The series of narrations are an exploration of Scripture to empower your faith.

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James was possibly the first New Testament book written, probably penned in the very late 40’s A.D. It is generally accepted that the book was written by James, the leader of the Jerusalem Church, also known as James the brother of Jesus. His letter shows that he is a strong, experienced leader. Since James was writing to Jews, he did not need to review all of the laws of good behavior that they already knew from the Old Testament. His purpose was to guide Jewish Christians about how to live as Christians in various countries and cultures; how to live with non-Jews as their brothers and sisters in Christ; how to live within a political system that promoted the worship of the emperor; how to build local church communities. He accomplishes his purpose. The series is presented in six segments as follows:

1 - Faith/Faithfulness
2 - Obedience
3 - Suffering
4 - Community
5 - Wisdom
6 - Foolishness

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