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Quote of the day

“Dear Friend We do not know whom you may be, but we thought it well to leave this letter in the hands of a trusty native to give to the first foreigner...”

Broomhall, Marshall, editor. Last Letters and Further Records of Martyred Missionaries of the China Inland Mission. London: Morgan and Scott, [n.d.]


God Pardons the Greatest Sinners (1875)

Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst —1 Timothy 1:15 NIV). Wash yourselve...



Argimirus, an old monk, is executed by Muslims in Cordova, Spain, after someone betrays him to the authorities.

Authority for the date: Haines, Charles Reginald. Christianity and Islam in Spain (756–1031).


Repose (death) of Xenophon of Robeika who had been a student of St. Barlaam of Khutyn and igumen (abbot) of the Khutyn monastery in Russia. While head of Khutyn, he had founded the Trinity Monastery on the banks of the Robeika River near Novgorod.

Authority for the date:


A proclamation in Scotland allows all to serve God in their own way, in any house, but restrictions will be added four months later.

Authority for the date: Biographica Scoticana.


Quaker abolitionist Anthony Benezet opens a school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for African Americans. Five years later he will form the first abolitionist society in North America.

Authority for the date: Du Bois, W. E. B. The Philadelphia Negro.


The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union presents massive rolls of signatures, sewn onto cloth, to a constitutional convention in Albany, New York, requesting an amendment to the constitution providing for the prohibition of the liquor traffic and another for the full enfranchisement of women. Although the delegates are impressed, neither petition is acted on.

Authority for the date: Frances W. Graham and Georgeanna M. Gardenier. Two Decades.


Catholic worshipers in Krasnik, Poland, find their altar in the woods stripped of its ornaments, the site roped off, and the roof removed by government officials. The believers march on city hall and hundreds of movie-goers join them. The protest turns violent and the rioters wreck the interiors of Communist Party buildings. Troops must be called in to disperse the mob with water cannons and tear gas.

Authority for the date: Hutten, Kurt. Iron Curtain Christians. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Augsburg Publishing, 1967.


Archbishop Dominic Tang Yiming of Canton, a Jesuit, dies of pneumonia in Stamford, Connecticut, while in exile from China after spending twenty-two years in a Chinese Communist prison for his faith.

Authority for the date: New York Times.


Death of Bruce Kennedy in Cashmere, Washington, when his Cessna 182 crashes. A Christian, he had been instrumental in expanding the role of Missionary Aviation Fellowship as well as building Alaska Airlines into an international carrier.

Authority for the date: HCJB Global (July 6, 2007).

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