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“My Dear Ewart, I cannot possibly describe to you the intenseness of interest which our mission now excites in our native laud. The eyes of all Scotlan...”

Smith, George. The Life of Alexander Duff. New York: A.C. Armstrong & Son; Toronto: James Campbell & Son, [1879]


Christ Is Our Righteousness (1869)

In his days Judah will be saved, and Israel will dwell securely. And this is the name by which he will be called: &ldquo...



(traditional date—the event may have taken place as early as 209.) Alban becomes the first Christian known to have been martyred in the British Isles. A pagan, he had been converted by a fleeing priest, and gave himself up in the man’s place.

Authority for the date: Church calendar.


John Fisher is beheaded by command of King Henry VIII of England because he has openly rebuked Henry’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon and refused to accept Henry as head of the Church of England.

Authority for the date: Catholic Encyclopedia.


Pope Gregory XV publishes the bull Inscrutabili Divinae, which reminds the Church of its mission to take the gospel to newly discovered native populations in the Americas.

Authority for the date:


Under pressure by the Roman Catholic Church, Galileo signs an abjuration of certain of his scientific views.

Authority for the date: Johnson, Rossiter, ed. The Great Events by Famous Historians.


Scottish Covenanters publish the Declaration of Sanquhar, disavowing allegiance to King Charles II and the government of Scotland because of governmental interference in religious affairs. This action will soon bring Covenanter rebel Richard Cameron and his followers into trouble.

Authority for the date:


Jonathan Edwards is dismissed from his pulpit in Northampton, Massachusetts, because he has rejected the “halfway covenant” which allows individuals who have made no confession of salvation to baptize their children. His calls for holiness do not sit well with his congregation either. One hundred and fifty years later, Northampton Church will erect a monument to Edwards.

Authority for the date:


Baron Nikolai Pavlovich Zass is ordained in the Orthodox Church as a deacon and will eventually become Bishop Nestor of San Francisco and Alaska.

Authority for the date:


The Diocese of Munster begins a two week celebration for the eleventh centenary of St. Ludiger.

Authority for the date: Catholic Encyclopedia.


Kateri Takakwitha is beatified, the first American Indian so honored by the Roman Catholic Church.

Authority for the date: World Topic Yearbook.

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