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Earthly Things Cannot Satisfy (1865)

Earthly things are empty and unsatisfying. We may have too much, but never enough of them; they oft breed loathing, but...



Under ecclesiastical legislation issued by emperor Honorius, all buildings in which heretics assemble are confiscated and all meetings interdicted.

Authority for the date: Wace, Henry. A Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature...


Pierre Viret is appointed a preacher to the City of Geneva where his sermons will be more popular than those of Calvin.

Authority for the date: Schaff, Philip. History of Christianity.


Nicholas Owen, Jesuit builder of priest holes (secret hiding places for priests), dies under torture in the Tower of London.

Authority for the date: Standard encyclopedias.


Death of Job Boretsky, an Orthodox metropolitan in the Ukraine, noted for his defence of the Orthodox faith, his poetry, writings, and translations.

Authority for the date: Wikipedia.


French archbishop Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet forces the locks on an abbey in order to compel the nuns, who have long had a measure of autonomy, to submit to him.

Authority for the date: Morris, Joan. The Lady was a Bishop.


At Australia’s Constitutional Convention, a Roman Catholic member, Patrick Glynn asks for an amendment in the preamble to say the people of the colonies, “humbly relying upon the blessing of almighty God,” agree to unite into an indissoluable commonwealth. His proposal is accepted by the majority over the jeers of secularists.

Authority for the date: Ely, Richard. Unto God and Caesar. Melbourne University, 1976.


The Nazi trial of pastor Martin Niemoller, an outspoken critic of Hitler’s regime, ends. He will spend seven years in prisons and concentration camps.

Authority for the date: Colson, Charles. Kingdoms in Conflict. William Morrow, 1987.


Christians are physically assaulted by Muslims at the city of Abu Qurqas and the towns of Beni Ebid and al-Berba. Five churches are severely damaged along with more than forty other properties belonging to Christians.

Authority for the date: Bistawros, Baheg T. Coptic Christians of Egypt Today Under Threat of Annihilation.

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